Why We're Different

Everything we do is based on solid business and marketing strategies. Whether our team is designing a new visual identity or building a transactional website, having a strong foundation to build upon is key to all marketing efforts.


Behind The Scenes

Our team is made up of creative marketing professionals that bring their experience and skill to bare on each and every project. We approach every endeavor with a passion for quality work and a determination to deliver lasting results.


Leading The Way Forward

The landscape of marketing, design, and development is constantly evolving, which requires our team to be constantly learning. Staying current with new approaches, standards, and best-practices – ensures a higher rate of success for your organization.

Robert R. Moore


In 1996, Robert founded Mozaek, a small graphic design studio in Southern California. During the last 20 years, Robert has built what is today, a full-service marketing consultancy with a client list of over 100 organizations and a countless number of projects. Today, Mozaek is one of the few marketing consultancies that make marketing strategy central to all marketing efforts by partnering with their clients to move them toward profitable growth.

Jane Fletcher-Saginaw

Marketing Director

Jane is a senior marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in business-to-business and consumer strategic marketing, communications and brand development for FORTUNE 500 and entrepreneurial companies worldwide. Her experience includes brand positioning and development, product development, strategic marketing, market research, corporate communications, as well as media and trade relations.

Lasting success comes from more than just quality work – it comes from an ongoing partnership with our clients.


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