Drive profitable growth with real marketing data.

Market research and analysis that yield a competitive advantage and profitable growth.

A viable business strategy evolves from a clear understanding of your organization’s target market and competitors. Successful market research strategies consist of qualitative and quantitative techniques ranging from customer surveys, to focus groups to online surveys and more. Market research provides a foundational body of data that assists leadership in identifying potential opportunities and preventing costly mistakes.

Market Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis of your organization’s marketing environment yields critical information about your market’s current and historic growth rates, projected growth rate, lifecycle stage and major customer groups. Data from our research provides you with the fact-based clarity needed to make sound business decisions that lead to project success.

Customer Surveys

We have multiple methodologies to gather customer perceptions about the strengths and weaknesses of your products or services, as well as highlight perceptual gaps between internal and external audiences. Both primary and secondary research yield key demographic information that impact business and marketing strategies.

Competitive Intelligence

A thorough analysis using our 360 degree process identifies your competition by product line or service and by market segment. It includes market share, strengths and weaknesses, interest in your target market by competition, barriers to entry, timing of opportunity, as well as secondary or indirect competitors.

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