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Solving complex problems with an innovative Print-To-Digital content system that reduces costs and increases sales.

CTS Cement is a leading manufacturer of cement and cement related products. One of its most well-known brands is Rapid Set®. The Rapid Set® line is comprised of numerous products for use by construction professionals as well as homeowners. Other brands include Komponent® and products made with Portland cement that are currently under the CTS brand. CTS has over 60 individual products and introduces new products each year.


We worked closely with the CTS marketing and development teams to understand their brand, their customers, and their pain points. As a result, we discovered that the high cost of producing and printing datasheets and product related documents was an ongoing issue. In addition to the high cost of printing these documents, updates to the technical datasheets and specification documents were required to be updated with accurate and current information, which meant a great deal of these materials became obsolete.


Our design and development teams created an innovative solution that would arm in-house sales representatives with multiple digital formats of these critical materials by leveraging their existing in-house desktop publishing processes. The Print-To-Digital system consists of a Craft CMS plugin to interface with Adobe® InCopy to allow the integration of content to and from native Adobe® InDesign documents, to a Craft content management system which would automatically publish a webpage version of the print document.


With the implementation of the Print-To-Digital system there was an immediate decrease in the cost of producing, printing, and storing printed brochures, datasheets, and other product related documents. By making the transition from print to digital, relevant and useful content becomes searchable and can be distributed in multiple formats and delivered by multiple methods. In addition, CTS sales representatives now had multiple formats and options to distribute crucial information to its customers cost effectively. In addition, partners, distributors, and customers have immediate access to the most recent and accurate materials.

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