Protect your corporate communication assets.

When your organization’s unique elements are tied back to your brand the more recognition and loyalty it earns.

It is critically important that your organization’s valuable and distinctive assets be used correctly and applied consistently. Otherwise, these assets - visual, verbal and digital - will be left to interpretation, manipulation, as well as personal preferences. The result is an erosion of brand equity, consumer recognition and preference, as well as prior years financial investment. Our asset management services validate that your brand assets are managed and disseminated correctly.


Verbal and visual identities must be protected using guidelines and processes to remain worthy functional systems that contribute to an organization’s brand identity. Clearly articulated and user-friendly guidelines provide a rationale to ensure your brand’s correct, consistent and creative application, as well as uniformity in a broad range of internal and external communications. This practice achieves a singular and identifiable verbal and visual image that represents the undisputable strengths, personality and style of your organization.

Asset Library

A digital library provides an easily accessible database of branded, high quality, company-approved collateral for the public domain that can be immediately leveraged across the organization. A concise collateral approval process for populating an asset library reduces duplicate efforts and protects against outdated information, protects intangible assets and intellectual property and more. Collateral guidelines and an asset library significantly contribute to the protection and preservation of your brand identity and brand equity.

Legal Matter

A strong brand is valuable and like any valuable asset it should be protected. Failure to do so may reduce its value, damage your organization’s reputation, or cause the loss of your brand to a competitor. An understanding of trademarks, copyright and patents will protect your company and the ownership of your assets. We have outside resources that can assist your organization in legal matters associated with brands.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the structure that clarifies roles and relationships within a portfolio of brands and must align with an organization’s business growth strategies. It is a tool that should be consistently referenced for all business and brand decisions, including mergers, acquisitions, rebrands and product launches. Brand architecture structures fall into three approaches: a master brand strategy; a house of brands or a hybrid approach. Regardless of your organization’s brand structure, understanding its relationship to your business strategy will help avoid critical and expensive missteps.

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