Communicate the right message every time.

Compelling and searchable content with the right message, for the right audience, at the right time.

Content drives everything. It drives the layout and format of a printed piece; the layout of a corporate or transactional website; even the signage on the side of a building. Content comes in various forms like text, images, video, and interactive elements, and communicated through various channels such as print, websites, and verbal communication – to name just a few. But content is meaningless if it doesn’t communicate the right message to the right people at the right time.

Strategies & Planning

Content Strategy is the planning process to create valuable and searchable content for a specific audience. Our team of content strategists will work with your organization to define requirements, identify user needs, and outline the brand messaging. In addition, a comprehensive content strategy will result in content guidelines that inform the voice and tone of content and identify and map out the content manageable segments of a site.

Audits, Inventories, and Mapping

We use Content Audit and Inventory processes to identify and catalogue content on various types of collateral, such as, an existing website or a competitor website. We then use a Content Mapping process to identify the different types of content, such as, text, images, and interactive elements. Each component helps to create a holistic view of all content that will be used in a website or print project.

Copywriting, Imagery, and Interaction

The content strategy, content audits, inventories, and mapping, all lead to the development of content in its physical form. Developing content includes the writing of text in short and long form, the creation of images and video, and interactive elements, just to name a few. When all these content elements are integrated they lead to a compelling narrative that can convert users into customers.

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