Establish an experience that turns users into customers.

Strategic design solutions that shape a powerful user experience and ultimately turn a user into a customer.

A well designed user experience is vital to increase engagement and ultimately turn a user into a customer. From the outset to the launch of every website project requires a multi-disciplined approach. The strategic implementation of user behavior, content creation, navigation, and design – all work in concert to shape a quality product that lead to profitable growth. Our multifaceted design and development team can create a user experience that meet and exceed the challenges your organization faces.

Design Research & Testing

On the outset of any website or web application project, begins with pre-design research and testing. This initial and vital step in the process helps to shape a quality end-product and the best experience for users possible. A better understanding and better decisions are made as a result of thorough design research and testing. Ultimately, design research helps our design team to better understand how users will interact with a website or web application.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the process of creating the structure of a website or software application. The process includes the creation of low fidelity and high fidelity sitemaps that show the division of content into categories, hierarchies, and navigation. Information Architecture provides an understanding of the organization of the content and how users will find and interact with it.

Interaction Design

In simple terms, Interaction Design is all about the user-facing aspects of a website or web application. The purpose behind Interaction Design is to design the best and most efficient path that a user should take to navigate the content of a website or software application. Designing an intuitive navigation and a clear path for the user, increases user engagement and a higher rate of turning a user into a customer.

Visual Design

Visual Design is the strategic implementation of color, shapes, typography, imagery, and elements to enhance the user experience for a website or software application. Unlike Interaction Design that addresses the functionality of a site, Visual Design engages the user toward a specific function. Ultimately, Visual Design is implemented to enhance the user experience and increase user engagement.

User Analytics

User Analytics is the process of tracking and measuring how users are interacting with a website or software application. It allows us to understand user behavior and the effectiveness of the visual and interaction designs. By tracking and analyzing behavior such as where users navigate, what they clicked, how long they viewed a specific page – improvements can then be made to increase the effectiveness for the user.

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