Innovating and developing a new era of proprietary email broadcasting for advertisers and marketers.

Enbox is an interactive broadcasting company that provides a next-generation network to advertisers and marketers. Enbox delivers interactive advertising directly into emails using video, audio, motion graphics and a one-to-one interactive experience with the user while simultaneously tracking user response and reporting valuable behavior and ROI data. The Enbox family of products include Enbox Message, Envision, Engage, Entrique, and Enquire.


Enbox needed to find a more cost-effective, higher-yielding marketing solution for the acquisition of new customers, the promotion of products and services, and the development brand awareness. The challenge was to design and develop a technology platform for marketers to create, deploy and modify their marketing campaigns and on user engagement.


A technology platform was developed that enables creative production, email list consulting, delivery & tracking, reports & analytics, and campaign management & refinement for its users. Enbox Message™ was created as the interactive email format, and MyEnbox™ met the requirements for a browser-based application that allows marketers to efficiently deliver interactive email messages and track user behavior.


The Enbox line of products and solutions meet the rapidly growing demand for cost-effective and result-driven marketing and advertising and they differ greatly from the vast number of email marketing companies currently in existence today. With a first-of-its-kind product, Enbox became the leader in a new marketing space and increased brand awareness and revenue for its clientele.

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