Whittier Christian High School

Creating new visual identities that bring unity, consistency, and continuity to an educational institution.

For more than 60 years, Whittier Christian High School has been serving families in the greater Whittier and north Orange County areas, teaching, inspiring and preparing young men and women to be critical thinkers and authentic Christians, equipping them to honor God through academic achievement, humble service, and courageous leadership. Whittier Christian students enjoy a robust 20-acre campus and state-of-the-art facilities.


Mozaek was given the task of addressing and solving inconsistencies across the Whittier Christian School brand. Specifically, the use of school colors, visual identities, and inconsistent messaging in its collateral and marketing materials. The strategic effort was to bring unity, consistency, and continuity to the Whittier Christian brand, while at the same time, preserving the historical visuals and verbal expressions associated with the brand.


Our work consisted of leading administrators through a two-day brand strategy workshop to better understand the underlying issues and opportunities associated with the Whittier Christian brand. To gain a historical perspective, interviews with founders and former students from the graduating classes were conducted. Input and feedback from current staff, faculty, and board members was provided through an on-campus town-hall style setting.


Based on the research and data, seven school and athletic logos were redesigned with both historical familiarity as well as a refreshed look. In addition, new marketing and recruitment materials with targeted strategic content was developed. Implementation of the newly refreshed visual identities and new marketing materials led to an immediate increase in enrollment, as well as unity and enthusiasm throughout the entire school community.

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