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Protecting an extablished brand by developing a communications framework to ensure message constistency.

National Teleconsultants (NTC) is the premier provider of media technology consulting, design, and systems integration practices in the world for media and entertainment industry giants like Fox, Disney, ABC, CNN, ESPN, and Warner Bros., among others. Solely focused on media, NTC serves major program producers and distributors, video-focused technology companies, television stations, institutions, and government agencies.


NTC leadership expressed concern that the company lacked awareness, recognition, and preference in many of its client segments as the “top of mind” digital technology leader. The work to reposition the brand for digital leadership, required capturing the collective thinking on opportunities, barriers, strengths, and weaknesses from internal and external key stakeholders to identify a market position of differentiation and messaging to support that position.


To create and display hierarchically organized, detailed messaging about NTC’s capabilities and services important to the company and its key stakeholders. The work included a series of small statements, paragraphs and technical documents that communicated NTC’s benefits and to be used in varies communication efforts. The final document included case studies and proof points, and client testimonials.


Organized NTC’s thinking and development of prepared messages so the organization spoke with one voice; provided an assessable framework for use in all communication materials; anticipated questions, concerns, and sales objections before they were raised; and ensured the organization with a central repository of consistent and approved messages that supported and protected their brand.

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